Alcohol Policy


The City of Kings Mountain is fully committed to keeping our events safe, friendly and fun for everyone attending the festival. Alcohol, when consumed responsibly by adults, can be an enjoyable part of the entertainment over the weekend. When it is consumed in excess and with disregard for others, the negative impact can go far beyond a headache the next day.

The City of Kings Mountain’s laws and ordinances dictates the policies we must adhere to, and, ultimately, they control our ability to have this great event in the future. We want to notify Festival‑goers of our Alcohol Policy so that you can plan accordingly and avoid problems or misunderstandings during the Festival. In particular—with regard to situations involving excessive or underage drinking—we must implement strict policies regarding alcohol and where it can be consumed. The following includes the key points of the policy.

No alcohol permitted in non-licensed areas.

  • No alcohol is allowed outside of the designated dance and seating areas of the venue. 

  • Outside alcohol is prohibited on any part of the festival grounds.

  • No alcohol is allowed in the parking areas and parties with alcohol in these areas are prohibited.



Drinking by minors is prohibited.

  • Minors may NOT drink alcoholic beverages.

  • Adults 21 and over must be wearing a designated wristband in order to consume alcohol. 


Safety Measures, and Alcohol Policy will be enforced by City of King Mountain staff, American Legion Post 155 and Local Law enforcements. Unfortunately, Festival‑goers that choose to disregard the rules for alcohol consumption and reasonable behavior will lose their privilege to be on the property and may receive a citation(s) from law enforcement.

Regrettably, many policies must manage and limit the behavior of everyone simply because of the irresponsible behavior of a few. While we recognize that most of our guests handle themselves with regard for their neighbors and stay within the rules, we still have individuals that ruin the experience for others by breaking the rules. Our goal is not to limit your fun, but to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves.